Zhongshan Yongli Plaza
Commercial Project
Zhongshan, China
99,260 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Fanmie, Steven Zhang
Design Team: John Lin, Hohong Chou, Yingqun Lin, Yanyu Fan, Moses Liang

The ostentatious shape, the words never cease to amaze, the sales office design trend of a stream of fresh air. Using simple building materials and simple geometric techniques, we bring
out the beauty and simplicity of the sales office.

The location of the sales office is on the first floor of an ordinary street shop site, the former site is a leased land, low investment. For future conversion to commercial use, the form language should be integrated with the whole.

How to make a sales office stand out without being overbearing and artificial?
Changing the basic design common sense of pedestrian and vehicular diversion into a basis for design orientation reversal, creating multiple viewpoints of surprise. Common building materials and unusual geometric rhythmic language provide a refreshing change of pace.

A beautiful interpretation of geometric rhythmic beauty.

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