Zhongshan Dedu International Plaza
Commercial Project
Zhongshan, China
144,368 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Lead Architect: John Lin, Steven Zhang
Design Team: Hohong Chou, Yiyun Zhang

Through the new vocabulary of modern space, we activate the new vitality of architecture and create a new impression of urban landmarks.

How do we create a spatially rich and vibrant form in a large and monolithic commercial complex that fits with contemporary architectural aesthetics?

How do we enhance the intrinsic value of the building itself and
its urban resources?
The project is located in the Zhongshan Torch area, the base is located in the core of the area, it is easy to form landmarks in the area, the building itself is a too large single volume, function complex, so the design
is to break the single so that the large building volume appears pleasant scale and strong modern business atmosphere and contemporary consumer aesthetics of the building aesthetics.

Create the impression of an urban landmark.

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