Wellon Industrial Creative Park
Industrial Project
Foshan, China
140,404 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Steven Zhang
Lead Architect: Yiyun Zhang
Design Team: Jadon Wu, Oliver Deng, Xiongzhi Duan, Yanyu Fan

The landscape greening axis is used to connect fragmented plots, rationally allocate industrial scale types, optimize the efficiency of individual buildings, and empower urban humanistic care on the basis of meeting efficient industrial efficiency.

It is possible to combine the image of an industrial park with traffic efficiency, and the hard rhythm of work with the soft care of life.

How might we balance the symbiotic pattern between the city and the industrial park and restore the integrity?
Under the condition that the approved number of buildings is met, a green space is made available for industrial workers by matching the number of high and low floors, which empowers the humanistic care of the city.

Create an efficient industrial park with humanistic care.

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