Topstrong Industrial Factory
Industrial Project
Zhongshan, China
113,800 m²
Project Leader: Fanmie
Design Team: Hohong Chou, Maxwell Fong, Steven Zhang, Moses Liang

The use of the width of the misalignment, the organization of different streams, in a manner similar to the hanging system "hanging" in the plant, not only to solve the problem of function but also to play a sign effect.

Corporate brand value needs to be realized by brand pavilions and safe guided tour flow, how industrial workers can get a safer and more respectful work experience under the new challenges of Smart Manufacturing.

The appearance of large mega-plants should be thought of more in terms of functional upgrades, rather than formalized design.

The comfortable space experience does not interfere with each other, the brand pavilion from the traditional box space implanted in the entire 100-meter tour line, constituting a new way of brand experience, the iconic appearance in the industrial area is unique.

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