New World Phase I
Residential Project
Zhongshan, China
321,267 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Lead Architect: Keven Wong, Steven Zhang
Design Team: Wenyu Zhao, Liping Xiong

When the plans have been finalized and even the skeleton of
the building has been poured, redefine the look of the project
and dialogue harmoniously with the standardized product.

The standardized residential products of Sino-Ocean lack commercial visibility and personality. The sales department is too close to the main entrance of the community, which is not recognizable.

How might we take advantage of standardized design for business upgrades, design upgrades?
The avant-garde shape of the flying saucer collides with the proportions of stone classicism, creating a rare but reasonable rarity in the market. The softness of the arc with the classical lines of the closing points, so that the product appears high-end and aesthetic.

An avant-garde design approach with classic materials and closing proportions creates a unique façade language.

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