New World Hennessy Clubhouse
Space Project
Zhongshan, China
385 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Lead Architect: John Lin
Design Team: Hohong Chou, Yiyun Zhang, Oliver Deng

By creating natural light within the enclosed space, we create
the inner environment of the "world in a pot" and refine the
pure poetic space by eliminating complexity and simplicity.

Redefining the Impression of Luxury in High-End Places by reversing the impression of a high-end club.

How might we create an amazingly inner environment in the enclosed space?
The project site is located on the elevated level of a residential complex, the environment is a closed place without natural light, and the design goal is to create a spatial place suitable for the inner environment of human habitation, emphasizing a strong sense of ritual atmosphere.

Luxury comes from a poetic inner environment.

Project Gallery