Nanning First Middle School Wuxiang Campus
Educational Project
Nanning, China
73,666 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Keven Wong, Maxwell Fong
Design Team: Fei Lu, Dezheng Lu, Lei Cui, Liping Xiong, Moses Liang, Heng Zheng, Yangxi Kuang, Peiye Liu

The campus is clearly planned and each area creates its own functional atmosphere, with wind and rain corridors connecting the areas. The combination of the solemnity of the axis and the quiet paths on the campus, the bright and spacious activities provide students with a beautiful place to study, rest, and exercise.

Short design period, construction to catch up with government plans, strict control over the area's appearance. The number of students is high and space is tight.

When will the administrative interference of the education system in educational buildings
be loosened up?
The scale of the campus is a large junior high and high school type, with a capacity of 15,000 students. The architectural style is controlled by the red brick sloping roofs and the modern design language is adopted as much as possible. There are clear zones for education, culture and sports, leisure and accommodation, and sports facilities of high standard.

Create a model campus for the Five Elephant New District of Nanning.

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