Mosaic Book
Space Project
Foshan, China
370 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Hohong Chou
Design Team: Jiedong Wu, Zhi Luo, Honglin Du, Xinquan Fong (Intern)

Bringing the "cave" into the bookstore challenges the bookstore's multiple possibilities through the visitor's curiosity and instinct to explore the space.

Breaking the rules of spatial architecture; solving the problem of low foot traffic on the second floor of
the bookstore; how to create an "electric light" that emits soft, homogeneous light and has visual impact.

Is it possible to have a dialogue between the first floor and the second-floor space by means of
an insertion device?
People are placed in a cavern-like space, wandering in the sparkles of lightning. When they look up, they see a cave with a depth of more than ten meters, a glimpse of the second floor is enough to make them want to
explore the space on the second floor, solving the problem of the original bookstore's staircase being located outdoors, which led to a decrease in the number of visitors on the second floor.

The installation fits perfectly into the space, and the shaped folds and careful design subtly lead the reader to explore the space, injecting another possibility into the design of the bookstore.

Project Gallery