Meicheng Home Innovation Park
Industrial Project
Zhongshan, China
20,000 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Keven Wong, Hui Zhang
Design Team: Heng Zheng, Liping Xiong, Jun Zheng

An in-depth understanding of materials reveals that even ordinary building materials have high artistic value.

Faced with similar building masses and the combination of "barracks" layout in high density, industrial workers are confined to a monotonous and uninteresting space to work efficiently and relentlessly; commodity plants have strict cost control.

How to add some "life" to the industrial park and warm up the cold production?
Green popping out of black and white and grey is one local comment on the factory building, and the mosaic popping out of the ordinary factory building is another interesting one. The sensible and unexpected use of materials makes the cheap and ordinary building materials hallucinate a magical experience.

Pioneered the design of several commercial buildings, and through artistic approaches and unusual use of materials, the project was several years ahead of the market in terms of the artistic impact of cheap building materials.

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