Liuzhou Wentao Primary School
Educational Project
Liuzhou, China
28,460 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Keven Wong, Steven Zhang
Design Team: Heng Zheng, Liping Xiong, Yingqun Lin, Moses Liang, Dezheng Lu, Lei Cui, Yuhong Li

The simple and uncomplicated design language, clever use of natural light, and the original site of the large old trees, to create an educational building that children, parents, and teachers will truly love.

With limited funds for educational construction, planning finalized by higher authorities, many constraints, and very high demands from the client, the design needs to strike a balance between the plan and the market.

Rather than struggling with how to create a design that satisfies both the "system" and the "market", it's more important to create a design that is genuinely appreciated by the real users - students and teachers.
Respect for the original site, including the grass and trees, light and wind. The project is located in the middle of the city, and is based on the beauty of the nature of the site and the love for the future of the teaching and education space, all design approaches are focused on creating a comfortable, safe and touching place.

Create the best primary school in Liuzhou.

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