Langzhong Silk Museum
Cultural Project
Langzhong, China
35,100 m²
Project Leader: Fanmie
Design Team: John Lin, Maxwell Fong, Steven Zhang, Xiongzhi Duan

Reinforcement of the protection of the old building on the renewal of the first, the new ribs and bones quietly implanted
in the old skin, while the gray space of the corridor so that the commercial hidden from the inside.

How to achieve a balance between preserving the industrial heritage of the Soviet Union and integrating the "colors" of the old town's culture and tourism under the premise of limited funds and low industrialization of construction?

The style of Soviet industrial architecture is well preserved, and low-cost rusted iron panels allow the industrial heritage to blend into the color system of the old city. The removal of the materials ensures a secondary use, which saves money and preserves the style's originality.
Project Gallery