KTC Science & Technology Park
Industrial Project
Shenzhen, China
84,600 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Design Team: John Lin, Shuting Mao, Oliver Deng, Weipeng Huang, Hohong Chou, Moses Liang

Preserving the old corporate headquarters building while giving it a new function, and prioritizing the importance of a sufficiently green environment for the site.

M0 industrial land capacity increase, can be built on the site of the only remaining complete green space in the factory area; the original function of the old complex has been replaced, the corporate humanistic feelings can not be shed; and committed to the renewal of the new building in the industrial zone can become a benchmark.

Allowing the old and new buildings to form a "you have me, I have you" relationship.
The sunken plaza serves as a space for employees' public activities and leisure activities, and shows the vitality of the factory. The corridor on the third floor spans the sunken plaza and serves as a corporate business card to showcase the future of green and intelligent industry.

Project Gallery