Jiajing Residences Phase 1-5
Residential Project
Zhongshan, China
1,300,000 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Lead Architect: Keven Wong, Steven Zhang
Design Team: Fanmie, Maxwell Fong, Heng Zheng, Liping Xiong, Moses Liang, Shuyi Tan, Yanqiao Pan, Wenyu Zhao, Huiyi Li, Xin Zhang

The development occupies a large area and takes a long time to develop in phases, but it cannot meet the high standards of the times if it does not follow the development of the city and does not consider the needs of future users with a vision beyond the status quo.

The project is developed in phases, with deviations in the preliminary planning and positioning, and the low volume ratio configuration, resulting in the development of the last five phases facing serious difficulties of high index and high density, which seems to directly lead to the reduction of living quality.

Unilateral upgrading of building products can't improve the quality of the living environment but also needs a large amount of info, data, and long-term study of the whole life cycle of the whole development.
The city-level humanistic community includes waterfront recreational public landscaped areas, creative American neighborhoods, large commercial complexes, hotels, offices, supporting educational facilities and so on.

The quality of human habitation is by no means a simple residential commercial housing development.

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