HZM Bus Terminus
Space Project
Zhongshan, China
326 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Lead Architect: Hohong Chou
Design Team: Shuting Mao, Abey Way, Oliver Deng, Weipeng Huang, Yanyu Fan

The construction of the bus stop is light and full of light and shadow, while at the same time providing the public with an urban piece for a short rest.

Create a sense of lightness as the clouds float in the air; a breakthrough in the audience's perception and possibilities of traditional bus stops.

How might we explore a way which make components fit together while pursuing the desired visual effect?
In order to ensure visual lightness, the sheet "clouds" are suspended in the air by means of a boom pull, avoiding direct welding to the columns. The sunlight is filtered through the fine holes, swaying between the pores to form a dense light and shadow that slowly falls from above and below.

Create a poetic and intriguing installation and a bus stop for tourists to stop over and rest.

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