Heyuan Daugres Ceramics Production Base
Indusrial Project
Heyuan, China
12,000 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Design Team: Shuting Mao, Oliver Deng, Hohong Chou, Aber Way

To create a continuous external surface and a spatially rich internal courtyard, while the external skin plays the role of
shade and serves as the "product display" of the enterprise, highlighting the care for people and ecological support of the industrial factory area.

Addressing the topography and site relationship with existing buildings, the image of the urban interface, the coordination between the large horizontal space of the showroom and the single high-rise.

How might we insist on creating eco-factories and offices to bring environmental empowerment and human care to every space?

Flexible and variable interior space is suitable for multifunctional scenes. Rich courtyard space interspersed in the interior allowing natural ventilation and more natural light, greatly reducing building energy consumption and creating an ecological, comfortable and beautiful office environment.

Project Gallery