Guangzhou Arts School
Educational Project
Guangzhou, China
10,329.6 ㎡
Project Manager: Keven Wong
Design Team: John Lin, Maxwell Fong, Yiyun Zhang, Oliver Deng, Weipeng Huang, Moses Liang, Yihua Gao

This is a campus renovation project. We understand the importance of the campus environment for arts, and we
hope to create a space where students can experience
life and nature through design.

Conflicts between the small footprint of the campus lot and the design specifications have yet to be resolved; there are elevation differences in the ground.

How might we create a grey space for student socializing with a wind and rain corridor?
Due to the small footprint, the curved corridor effectively increases the perimeter of the building, and the U-shaped space creates a courtyard-like framing effect that also brings in climate control. The semi-encircling design language increases student dialogue and interaction, becoming a grey space for students to chat, socialize and even dance.

Activate new life on campus with a tandem of the wind and rain corridor.

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