Guangzhou Traffic Building
Commercial Project
Guangzhou, China
42,141.93 m²
Project Leader: Keven Wong
Design Team: John Lin, Hohong Chou, Oliver Deng, Weipeng Huang, Xiongzhi Duan

On the premise of maintaining a composite function, we focus
on how the building should relate to its surroundings, to create
a poetic architecture that truly cares about the users themselves and considers the definition of architectural identity and humanistic concerns.

How to cleverly place complex functional spaces in the vertically distributed, rigid building mass; how to reduce the weight of the office building and make it lighter and more playful, given its relatively low vertical height.

Is it possible to reconnect the dialogue between the building
and the city from the beginning
of the design process?
Inspired by the tension of the suspension cables of the elevated bridges and the divergence of the traffic roads, the gently raised, skirt-like skin of the building is designed to function as a canopy, creating a micro-climatic space and a natural connection with the surrounding area, cleverly forming an integrated two-level pedestrian system with the existing footbridge.

A playful redefinition of a bulky architectural image that fills the city with poetic goodwill.
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