Green Island Hills Clubhouse
Commercial Project
Chaozhou, China
Chaozhou, China
Project Leader: Keven Wong, Fanmie
Lead Architect: John Lin
Design Team: Moses Liang, Yaqi Li, Oliver Deng, Yiyun Zhang, Jia Hao (Intern)

Open up privatized appropriation and share the value of the landscape with the public. Make natural resources more public.

How to de-body the original landscape resource environment and diminish the presence of the building.

How might we eliminate the functional volume of seclusion without destroying natural and scenic resources?
The core of the whole building is through the central axis of the building. The "bridge" space leads the outer space to the isolated lake and opens up the lake view to all visitors. The whole building acts as a natural medium to experience the landscape resource more efficiently.

Building a bridge to nature.

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