Flow Space —— Hennessy Clubhouse

Project description: the project is located in Zhongshan City, the nature of the private club, the difficulty of the project is the small size of the space, shear walls are many, it is an inwardly confined space.

By breaking away from the existing public spaces of the clubhouse, our designers have created a spatial continuum that provides a flowing and private experience for the user.

Classical Geometry

In medieval Europe, the arcade street was not only a distribution center for goods and people, but also an important node of urban space. The emergence of the arcade changed the spatial form of the street, redistributing the "inside-outside" relationship of architectural space, making the street, as an external space, seem like an interior.


A classical arcade is used as a partition between the cigar room and the bar, which serves as a transition zone between private and public space. This creates an ambiguity in the appearance of these two separate areas. The spatial perception is thus visually expanded, as if one were moving through the street from a distance.

The central area is guided by straight aisles, which are then visually extended by lighting and tile textures, with corridor aisles connecting the showroom, cigar room and bar area, using a visual language of arches and squares, a mix of different materials, and a spatial progression that speaks of the order of the space.

Sense of Ritual
Using the design techniques of façade collage, three-dimensional composition and material contrast, we construct the divinity of daily life, sincerely treat the design of each space, and express the thoughts about life in the space in detail, allowing the space to flow out the poetry of life.

Natural Creation
Learn about nature, love nature, be close to nature, it will never let you down!
-- Frank Lloyd Wright

As the site itself is an enclosed space, in order to relieve the feeling of dullness and congestion, the designer introduced the outdoor natural environment into the interior. The creation of plant space makes people feel comfortable even though they are indoors as if they are outdoors.

The use of artificial light to simulate the effects of natural light and the beauty of space from the changes in light and shadow is both an order and a guide that lasts in the dimension of time.


  Water is the source of all things - Thales.

  Design of the main areas of the space with corrugated metal panels
  Manufactured water wavy textured tops, floors, and curtains.
  Make it the highlight of the whole center, as if in the desert.
  Meet the sparkling water, dazzling and surprising.

Regain The Natural State
Stone, warm and textured.
Metal, thin and warm.
The combination of these two elements shows a strong visual appeal.
The metal has a different shine when reflected in the light.
Make reflections a way to decorate.

Design Postscript —— Design is the process of enlightenment

The designer won't know if the spatial experiment will hold up until the project is actually on the ground,
It's a process of trial and error.
Design ideas that take time to think through, get off the ground, and even more to be tested through use,
Only by going through the entire process can the design be said to be closed.
In this way,
The whole space,
More like a tender encounter,
Make people relaxed and at ease with it without losing elegance.

A good design doesn't stop at whether it looks good or not,
It also takes time to quantify it.