“It conveys the aesthetic attitude of integrating nature and city, which brightens up every corner of the city with plants.”

In April 2020, WAY Architects was invited by YSFLOWER
to create an aesthetic florist retail space with contextual experiences. Located in the hub of the Times Real Estate
in Guangzhou, the challenge was the unbalanced width to
height ratio, irregularities, and small size of the space.

By using the florist shop as a spatial installation module,
the designers of Way Architects not only normalized the
flow of the space but also visually enhanced the integrity, increasing the interaction between people and space.


YSFLOWER is a botanical aesthetics brand that pursues the fusion of nature and modern city. Its style is fresh, natural and elegant, and it incorporates the love and expectation of life into its flowers and plants, bringing beauty and touch to people.

Interaction / Touch

The scattered disk devices in the space, the use of mirror materials, create different angles of reflection in the space. It makes a wonderful connection between people, flowers and space, and interweaves them to form a unique aesthetic space.

Complement One Another


Beauty in the bones not in the skin, this is the aesthetic concept of oriental aesthetics respected, people are, flowers are also.

Scale / Proportion

Due to the narrow and high proportion of the original site, the visual elevation does not give a good space to display the space and products. By adding a roof to the space, the designer reconstructed the space proportion and created a comfortable and harmonious space scale.

Precision / Customization

As the site itself is irregular, the designers have designed the furniture as a whole to regularize the space and harmonize the flow of the different needs of the people. All of the furniture was custom manufactured
to a high standard for this space.

Design Postscript —— Space For Flowers
The entire space is designed to break out of the soil like little bean sprouts.
Take root and sprout in this flower shop.
Continue to build the story of YSFLOWER.