Open Positions

Design & Research Assistant

Position Description
The Design & research assistants assist in completing the actual projects and participate in theoretical research and community building practices.
The work is in close contact with the landing project, and also participates in the design competition, and undertakes the work of the pictures and texts of the completed or under construction projects, model remake and shooting.

Main Requirements
- Students in architecture, urban planning, environmental art design (including landscape design and interior design), third-year university graduates and above (including graduate students)
- Honest and humble, responsible, love design, and have teamwork spirit
- Friendly and cheerful, easy to communicate and have a good understanding
- Proficient in drawing software and office software:
Proficient in conventional drafting/modeling software such as CAD, Sketch-Up, etc., Rhino is preferred;
Proficient in using graphics processing software such as PS, AI, ID, at least one of them;
Skilled in rendering software, such as Vary, Lumion, Enscape, Twinmotion, at least one of them;
Skilled in operating common office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Curatorial Operations Assistant (Cultural Direction)

Position Description
The Curatorial Operations (Cultural) Assistant is responsible for coordinating the planning and execution of "Beacon Culture" events and exhibition activities, from docking communication to event final implementation and presentation (exhibition and event content design, visual communication materials and materials design, event organization and (Execution); assist in the organization of cultural space content, preparation, and planning of art events (exhibition writing, media data collating, exhibition image shooting, WeChat platform operating).
Through the collaboration with the art team and curatorial team, the work is to understand the front and back of the exhibition projects and art activities and improve their comprehensive ability in art.

Main Requirements
- Students with relevant architecture/art/culture major background, passion for contemporary art, active thinking, creative students, juniors and above (including graduate students)
- Easy to communicate, with good understanding and execution, and teamwork spirit
- Familiar with image processing software such as PS, AI, ID, XD, PR, can cooperate with the design and production of related materials;
- Proficiency in common office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
- Have the ability to write and organize media materials, experience from media platform operation is preferred
- Having a photography foundation and being able to produce visual communication materials for new media platforms is preferred
Why us
WAY Architects emphasizes the human aspect as a designer. Based on their identity as architects, their passion for design, and their desire to change society, these people come together to create a force for change. They are nourished by the collective knowledge and experience accumulated over a long period
of design and construction practice. The greatest reward for our firm is the progress of people.

The goodness of people, design, and society is always happening in our firm. Thanks to the progress and growth of these people, the office will become one of the few offices in the country that will continue to
grow and prosper into the future.
How to apply
Please send your resume and portfolio (PDF format, less than 30M) as an attachment to:, please specify the position you are applying for in the subject of the email, and please include the arrival time.