About us
WAY Architects
WAY Architects, consisting of a group of architects who have the courage to break through the conventions. They regard architecture as an organic living body, activate the inherent mutation genes of the project through their unique design method, make the building take root in each specific environment, continue to serve the city, and care for the users.

The office is located in Dongshan Xinhepu, a well-known historical and cultural area of Guangzhou. It retains the century-old villas of the Republic of China, which is different from the large-scale complex in the city. Here you can feel the warm red brick and the comfortable climate of the South Green. We take root in Lingnan and cultivate deeply in the Greater Bay Area.

We care more about the life cycle of a building than its instantaneous enthusiasm. Excellent buildings not only have a larger positive influence circle but also have a more durable and evolvable benign life cycle. If a building is likened to a tree, the soil on which it depends is a social value, and commercial value is blossom result. The deeper and wider the roots, the healthier and more fruitful the tree. Fruit landing will nourish the land in turn, and the virtuous cycle is endless. As the years passed, people became involved in farming because of their love, and humanistic stories began to spread.

We hope that through continuous and progressive creation, under the effect of multiple architectural positive impact circles, we will cover a wider urban space, contribute to the improvement of the social environment, give back to the people and people who nourish themselves, and create "Building Life Form" that grow together with society.
The Team
Founder / COO
Founder / Design Director
Keven Wong
Project Technical Director
Steven Zhang
Project Manager
Maxwell Fong
Deepening Architect
Xiongzhi Duan
Deepening Architect
Yanyu Fan
Chief Architect
Shuting Mao
Chief Architect
John Lin
Designer (Project Assistant)
Moses Liang
Hohong Chou
Assistant Architect
Weipeng Huang
Assistant Architect
Yiyun Zhang
Space Designer
Mingjun Peng
Assistant Architect
Yaqi Li
Assistant Architect
Oliver Deng
Space Designer
Xinyi Huang
Assistant Architect
Zhi Luo
Intern (Architecture)
Jingpeng Chi
Vivian Xie
Intern (Architecture)
Minyu Fong
Intern (Architecture)
Junzhe Fan
Intern (Architecture)
Lucy Luo
Hailin Zhu
Intern (Cultural Operation)
Phidias Li
Intern (Architecture)
Shen Fang