Dongshan Shaoye South Plaza Reconstruction
Urban renewal
Dongshan · Guangzhou
Design Director Keven Wong、Fanmie
Lead Designer John.Lin、Steven
Design Team Weipeng Huang、Yuri、Moses、Lookie、
Yunheng Huang(trainee)
Site Supervisor Steven、Yuri、Weipeng Huang
Photography Siming Wu

Flowing life theater


The goal of this upgrade is to enable more community residents to use this public place like using their own living room, that is comfortable and proud, and to attract more foreign tourists to learn about the regional culture of Guangzhou Dongshan through the square tour. In the end, because of the increase and diversification of the user population, the youthful vitality and cultural transmission are ignited, and the energy transmission from one community public node to the next community public node is truly activated.

On the park, people were relaxing alone, or whispering two-by-two. The sense of flow in space, the sense of separation of people, and the sense of regional limitation together constitute a contradictory and complementary “space variation”. This kind of natural fluency and variation and geometric linear formal language seem to have an innate matching advantage, and the fluency and variation are interesting.

Obviously, the appearance of the site was not imagined by the architect, but the site users spontaneously constituted its initial genes. After the architects and managers have rationally added multiple attributes, the variables of time have been put in, and long-term maintenance is implemented. The way the supervision is used is guided. Only such a venue will be loved by the public for a long time after the renovation, and will play a diverse mission that is more in line with the development and changes of the future city in addition to beauty.